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Our goal is create jewelry that is beautiful and durable. Care is always given to be sure that in our efforts to be expressive with metal we never compromise the structural integrity of our work nor make the piece uncomfortable to wear.

For us, Form must always follow Function. Both are essential to meet our goal of providing you with jewelry that is solidly made, of good design and wearable over the years.

Customers have often described Ron Cravens designs as “simply elegant”  or “simple elegance” and we do like that description.

We create our jewelry in Sterling Silver and in a Sterling and 14k Goldfill mix combination as well.  This mix provides greater ability to wear our work with jewelry of other metals.

Many of our designs, with and without stones, will coordinate with each other into sets of earrings, necklaces and bracelets making stunning ensembles.

Over 30 of our styles are embellished with fine grade cabochon stones from 6mm to 13x18 mm in size. All stones are set by hand in sturdy bezels.