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     We are fortunate in that the Annual Craftsman’s Fair been our family tradition for several decades now.

      It is a valuable opportunity for us to present our entire line of jewelry as well as special one of a kind pieces in six large jewelry cases and counter displays.

     Though we sell through several fine crafts galleries in New Hampshire and environs as well as online, this is our only retail event. We are always delighted to have the chance to personally meet our loyal as well as new customers. In addition, we very much enjoy experiencing our jewelry directly being worn and cherished year after year! So stop by, shop or just say hello!    Booth #809 Tent 8 and Thank You all for your patronage.

    For further information about The Craftsmen's Fair at Mt Sunapee Resort, Newbury NH :


  We invite you to visit us on Facebook through the following link:

   Ron Cravens Contemporary Jewelry 

Scenes from previous Fairs: 

Ron Cravens & family

Our Grandchildren who are big fans.



   The OnLine Catalog link will bring you to our Online Catalog Homepage where you will find an index for the catalog of our current designs.

   There is information on that page as well about placing orders directly from us.

   The 5 Catalog Pages contain jewelry designs by style.

Below  the images on the catalog pages are code numbers for each design and prices.

    We update frequently to reflect new designs or price changes.

   At this time our Online Catalog is  not in a shopping cart format, however you can easily order by contacting us directly via email or phone. We will gladly speak with you directly answering any inquiries and assist you in placing your order.

   If your purchase is a gift please mention that you will need a gift box.


        603  648-2402    Mon- Fri 10am-4pm EST

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